Samuel Taylor – The Boy I Used To Be

A note to you, from me.

In January 2014, I walked into 2Fly Studios in Sheffield to record my debut album. Over the period of a few weeks, I gathered together a group of friends, some old, some new, and with producer David Sanderson, recorded 11 tracks. I was incredibly proud of what I’d created with my collaborators and producer and was excited about releasing the record later in the year.

Unfortunately, as often happens in the music industry, something came up and changed the direction the release was intended and I was left with a finished album that, for a short time, sat on a shelf unreleased.

In June of this year, I listened to the album I’d made back in that cold January 2014 and decided that it was time to put it out the way it was created and intended to be heard. As an artist, when you make something, you give a little part of yourself to the world and as a songwriter that is often the most vulnerable part of yourself.

So here it is, ‘The Boy I Used To Be’, my previously unreleased debut album, recorded during my recovery from a damaged voice. It definitely feels like me at that time in my life and is something I’m very proud of. I hope it is something that speaks to you too.

Thank you to everyone involved… David Sanderson, Ed Cosens, Adam Crofts, Matthew Taylor, Jodie Marie, Jon Trier, Joe Hastings, Lucy Revis, Chris Brain, John Redgrave and George Bannister. You helped me capture myself at age 29.

Lastly, thank you to Rebecca Van Cleave for your love and support. Thank you for joining me on this journey and always believing in my dreams.